ya-ha-ha! you found me!
ya-ha-ha! you found me!
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Words have power! Social slogans, advertising messages, fervent and passionate declarations, militant songs.

The world has changed with “words” drawn from the passion and the imagination of great women and men. All revolutions have gained momentum based on inspiring speeches.

We have never communicated in writing as much as we do today, whether through social networks or through private chats. However, our messages are confined today inside our devices and digital pipes. Our Words, Our Views and Our Opinions deserve to be screamed, loud and clear.

So Raise Your Banner! Search deep inside yourself for the Words that drive your passion, that motivate you and the people around you, that express your feelings and rage for a better world, Words that move you!

Express yourself, freely with mutual respect and kindness, with pride, with fun with one and unique goal: To realize your hopes and (maybe) convince others to join you in your journey to happiness and peace!

To enter the competition, simply send a photo of your banner and a photo of yourself holding it at info@imonlyokay.com with the subject line "raise.your.banner competition".

September 28th, 2021

Winners will be chosen by Public Vote through our im.only.okay instagram page: @imonlyokay

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